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About Me

I'm ​enthusiastic about health and well-being and helping others regain their full wellness potential, through manual and non-manual techniques. 

I am certified Strength Coach, Massage Therapist, Classic Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and soon to be Manual Therapist.

I am currently studying Manual Therapy at Academy of Manual Therapy in Ljubljana, working as a therapist/coach for Uzbekistan Soccer National Team, owning my own studio/gym in Ljubljana, Slovenia and working with international clientele online.

For the past 2 years my focus has been on studying about human movement working closely with my mentor Bill Hartman. From that time my perspective on movement changed dramatically, which helped me deeper my understanding and ability to help others. 

My philosophy for a successful rehab is that the bulk of the rehab work should be done via movement/breathing/strength training by the client themselves, because this way we give our body a chance to re-organize and re-pattern itself. 

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