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Ian Oskar Katanec  >IOK<

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I'm ​enthusiastic about health and well-being and helping others regain their maximum potential in terms of sports performance or rehabbing an injury.

I am Manual Therapist, Certified Strength Coach and Personal Trainer.

I am currently working as a therapist/coach for Uzbekistan Soccer National Team, owning my own studio/gym in Ljubljana, Slovenia and working/consulting with international athletes and coaches online. 

For the past 3 years my focus has been on studying about human movement working closely with my mentor Bill Hartman. From that time my perspective on movement changed dramatically, which helped me deepen my understanding how to help others. 

My philosophy for a successful rehab is that the bulk of the rehab work should be done via movement/breathing/strength training by the client herself with an intervention of manual therapies when needed. In my opinion, this way we give our body best chance to organize itself and be more efficient at solving everyday or sport-related movement issues. 

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I have Masters degree in Nutrition Science which I graduated from University of Ljubljana, Slovenija in 2019. 

My work experience goes back to 2015, where I started coaching individual clients on weight loss and healthy nutrition habits. After that I also worked as educator/counselor for a company that distributes healthy foods and food supplements. I also lectured at many Slovenian Health Centers/ Rehabilition Centers, Co-Hosted cooking shows(''Kuham Zdravo'') and wrote dozens of articles for many alternative health magazines. 

For the past couple of years my focus has been on individual consultations, focusing on preventative actions in nutrition/food choices. 

Nutrition plays a big role in my every day life, so when I am not consulting with people, I will be in the kitchen making new recipes and also preparing meals for people who value clean and healing meals. 

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